Thursday, June 19, 2014

Why I abandoned 'The Neurotypical Mom'

Some of you know our story from my days as The Neurotypical Mom.  In March of 2011 my son was placed on the Spectrum and I had no where to turn.  I don't mean to say I didn't have tons of resources or people to support me.  It was more that I didn't know anyone who had a kid like mine.  Being a spectrum, all kids on it are different and I needed to place larger then my town to find people who had a kid like better then the INTERNET!

At that point in my life I ate, breathed and slept Autism.  Here is was on my front door, I let it in and was trying to help it get comfortable.  As you may have read in my last post, no one was going to give me an answer on where my son may or may not end up or where he would fall on the spectrum.  It was highly suggested I purchase an Ipad and think about a program like Proloquo to assist him in communicating.  While I knew he would be ok, I never made any concrete plans for the future because who knew.

It was through the Neurotypical Mom that I could finally write what I was feeling and be able to connect with people across the country and the world who felt the same way.  I have formed so many friendships with these people and it was what I needed and what I still LOVE. I am forever grateful for that.

 In the last year I have been quiet on The Neurotypical Mom because I felt like it as no longer "me" or "us".  Frankie has come so far and Autism has become something I think about maybe 3rd or 4th on my list of stresses and even there I'm not very much stressed about it.  I have two other typical children and the three of them are amazing together.  I started my own business painting and refurbishing furniture and became a stand up comic.......ok the last part isn't true.....Im more of Facebook comic.  Its also a secret of mine that apparently I might have a touch of ADHD according to a therapist and psychiatrist I saw about 10 years ago, but I told them to shove it because I like being the way I am.  My secret for a long time is I might not be Neurotypical at all with that ADHD likelihood

So I resign as The Neurotypical Mom and am Now Just Danielle over at 'Happily Painted After'.  Sure I will talk about Autism a bunch but, I will also talk about painting, cooking, PTA, essential oils, fancy crystal collections, making fairy gardens, potty training, biting toddlers and MORE.

The Neurotypical Mom was my cocoon time, and now this Chick is a Butterfly


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