Saturday, June 21, 2014

Our Pet Lady Bug named Andrew

 People will talk of signs and symbols that bring them peace and reassurance, I have my own as well.  At this point in my life I have many, many "God winks" but the oldest and original was a Lady Bug.  For those who know me for a long time you know about it already.  Lady bug screen names, Lady bug tattoos, lady bug mixing bowls, lady bug themed daughters room....yea I could go on.

I remember once, after 10 or so years, pondered the thought that I was making all this up and it was just a coincidence.  That night I went and did a Thirty-One Party for a hostess I didn't know.  After about 5 minutes in her house she told me she was a Medium.  As a Christian this is a no no but I'm in her house so I just continue on with my business until, a la Teresa Caputo she started saying things that almost made me vomit and a the end of it all I was shaking so hard I had to sit down.  She told me the lady bugs were God telling me to chill out.  I left feeling...interesting.  The next morning I told myself it was all crap, as accurate as she was, it had to be crap ...then I walked out my front door and a bug hit me in the face, like a slap and landed on the house.  Fine, Fine, I'll accept it.   So yea, I see them less now that I get other God winks but if I'm being particularly stubborn and not looking toward God or having faith, they will come in my car and such (yes that happened once too).

Anyway back story over......A few months ago I saw this tiny, size of a nickel, Murano glass Lady Bug at a boutique in Rockville Centre .  I decided to purchase it even though I thought $8 for a tiny glass bug was a little ridiculous.  I figured I would keep in in my wallet as a good luck type thing.....that is until  my daughter saw it. 

I'm not sure if everyone knows what its like to argue with a 3.5 year old girl.   In the end I lost and my daughter started carrying around a little glass lady bug she so sweetly names Andrew.  At this stage of the game all three kids are fighting over it and its gotten to the point where I have to ration time with Andrew.......a little glass lady bug.  Through out the day you will hear me yell "where is Andrew, who has him?"  " How did Andrew get being the couch?" "Get Andrew out of your mouth!"  They have a million toys yet this is what has been entertaining them for weeks. 

I've been surprised it hasn't been lost yet.......Well, maybe it has been lost.  This morning I found him under clean laundry and just before while I was asking God if I should get my hopes up about my "dreams" coming true....... I picked up a block and found Andrew under it.  Maybe that was a yes, maybe it was a relax but it snapped me out of my funk.

I paused in my writing to yell at my kids for jumping off a dresser onto the couch......yes you read that right, they invent the most dangerous games.  In the midst of my ranting, I catch my daughter, holding a tiny glass lady bug named Andrew that I swore I put out of reach.

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