Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What do Stay at Home moms with Three kids do all day?.......

Sometimes this

To Start this Story....I apparently do not need to keep her anonymity so here I go.  Twenty Three years  or so ago my Father and stepmother moved into their house.  I remember they moved in around summer and the pregnant lady across the street said "I have a little girl your age" and introduced us.  She was a year younger than me....and in the land of being 7 or 8, being ONE whole friggen year younger I thought she would never be able to relate to me.  Yea, that's the rational of a child.  

So as things go, we grew up, friends at some points, not friends at others, great friends again and distance again....such is life, no?  In the last couple years my neighbor friend picked up her family and moved away to provide more for her kids (I'm very jealous) and I stayed.  We both have boys who have a certain spunk and total 3 kids each...... 3 kids in 4 its no big deal.

If you know me, you know I'm honest.  I just tell it like it is in my life.  Yes, yes, yes, Instagram and Facebook make my life and my children look perfect, no no, nothing is perfect.  So today, I talked to my favorite neighbor (you be Wilson, I'll me Tim Taylor) via text......and shit got real......because i guess we were both in the mood to be real.....and then share it on the Internet.....lmao.

This may only be funny to us but....whatever..... #thisisreallife  Stop lying.....all you moms lie

This is the REAL REAL Housewives of Long Island/ North Carolina



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